Through our associated company we offer you a full comprehensive audit and assurance service package.

Our work involves

Examination of the financial statements of your company and advice on all high risk areas. We provide you with a list of useful suggestions on areas you need to improve in the future for the smooth running of your business. We undertake to streamline your financial statements according to the International Financial Reporting Standards. We will ensure that your results comply with the rules set by the Inland Revenue authority in Cyprus and give you advice on any areas that you need to watch out. During our work we make sure to focus on significant, timely, and useful information for the management and the public. Our aim is to make our reports accurate, clear, convincing, objective, fair, and constructive. We make an effort to make efficient use of our time. We communicate in a friendly way and aim to be fair and objective and at the same time we seek to improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities through training, work experiences.


Two things are certain in this life, death and the payment of taxes. You can do nothing about the first one, but let us do something about the second one!

As tax experts we will provide you with the best practice that can maximize your after tax income and minimize your tax burden. Our mission is to provide high quality advice and service to all of our clients. We pride ourselves on our professional business planning and advisory services, which go far beyond traditional accountancy and tax compliance work. We will identify the best strategies for you that will help your move on to the next level up the ladder of success in business. Most successful business owners as their company grows in size, need to invest all of their attention in running their company and managing its growth rather than spending time learning and devising legal strategies to reduce their tax bill. That is why using a professional tax advisor is the best option for you and your highly esteemed organization. It will save you time, money and the need to worry about getting the tax strategy right. Whether you need local or international tax advice, A.E. Corporate Services have the right strategy for you.


Our dedicated team provides innovative, industry-specific solutions, combined with unparalleled customer attention. This is what sets us apart from other consultants. Instead of just advising clients, we share our experience with them in a user-friendly way aimed at giving them valuable advice when and where they need it.

Why our Business Advisory service is probably the best:

We provide tailor-made business service solutions to each client according to the industry they operate in.

Our consultants use their expertise to create innovative solutions for each client by constantly refining and improving our services, whether through our continuous investment in our people. We not only train our staff but we also support them throughout the whole process. We provide comprehensive business solutions in all areas of operation and we aim to help your business succeed in every way we can. Our consultants are always there for you providing the feedback and support you need, exactly when you need it.


We can run your day to day business as if you have an office on the island. Being away doesn’t have to mean that you can leave things to chance. We take the running of your company seriously and that is why we offer you only the very best in quality and timely service to save you time and money. Among other things we can offer you the following services: Approach legal advisers to get the a legal opinion on your behalf on any business or personal issue. We can provide you with a mail forwarding service. We provide you upon request, of bank signatories. The processing of your bank transactions following your instructions. We deal with any bank matters like the opening of your bank account and the issue of credit cards. If you need a telephone or fax service we will be happy to provide you with all possible facilities.